Diving with Jolly Roger

Diving the Florida Panhandle is like no other. The beautiful emerald waters and magnificant dive sites create amazing adventures for every level of diver.  The most predominent feature of our  Gulf is the slow and gentle slope of the sea floor. This slow curve gives us miles of gradually decending depths helping create over a hundred dive sites. Because of the differences in distance between dive locations we’ve created three distinct ranges to chose from.  Prices below assume a 2 tank dive.  An additional tank will add $25 to the listed price.

What to Expect

All charters leave from Chico Marina, 3009 Barrancas Ave, Pensacola, FL 32507
When you pull up to the docks what should you have?
On any dive deck space is at a premium. We have perfected the best method to ensure a safe and clutter-free deck for both your enjoyment and best operations of the boat.

We’ll have you set up your first tank while you’re still on the dock.  This will help confirm you haven’t forgotten anything, and also help you identify things that you might not need to bring on the boat.  

In between dives, our divemasters are availble to change your tanks, and help get your ready for the next dive. We believe in true customer service and can do a much or as little as you would like.

We provide all the food and refreshments. Though, if you have a large party coming aboard, our inventory can be tailored to your wants with adequate time given for our preparation.

Lastly, you and your party should be on the dock 30 minutes prior to shoving off. This allows time for loading and the mandatory safety brief.

Dive Sites